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In his book Humilitas John Dickson writes, “Since life is fundamentally about relationships, the relational virtues such as humility, compassion, trustworthiness and so on are keys to virtually all spheres of life.”

It is with these virtues in mind that we decided to write this blog. We have no desire to be the answer for anything. Our hope is to start and be involved in the conversation. We view this blog as an investment in people, in our community, and in working to leave a positive imprint on the world around us.

We believe we are all called to live life to the full and to “go make disciples.” The Greek word for “go” can be translated into “as you go.” Meaning, as we go through the events of our everyday life together we are called to learn from one another and teach the people around us. Whether it’s eating dinner with family or close friends or riding the bus with strangers, there are lessons to be learned and stories to be told in all of the many interactions that form our daily lives.

This is where you enter into the community and join the conversation. We believe that you have valuable thoughts, opinions, wisdom, perspectives, and a voice that is unique, and you are living a story that deserves to be heard. The goal of this blog is not to replace face to face relationships but rather to create a meaningful conversation and further enable community. Together we will choose to ignore the fears of failing, messing up, being wrong, and making embarrassing typos.  Instead, we will be bold and vulnerable and share life as it happens, in all of its challenges, grittiness, transformation, and joys.

Join us As We Go…


About The Authors

Jarred is a graduate of the University of Missouri currently residing in Kansas City, Missouri. He works in education, coaches soccer and dabbles as a photographer. During his free time he enjoys reading, the outdoors and conversations with friends. He strives to live his life on the principles of investing in people, fostering community and using his abilities to serve the good of those around him.

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Jordan is currently a student at Missouri Western State University and will soon be graduating with a degree in Special Education. He is a Young Life leader at a local high school in Kansas City and spends much of his time hanging out with and mentoring his high school friends. He loves riding his bike, reading, and living life with friends.  Jordan has a heart for facilitating communities where people are actively chasing their mission. Jordan writes to explore authentic community, basic truths, and to simply encourage others.

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We look forward to you joining the conversation!


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