Lessons from Photography Class


photo via flickr by CubaGallery

I remember sitting in the classroom. I’m guessing I looked like a deer in the headlights. I was not an art student. I didn’t really “fit in” with the other students in the class, most of which were art majors. Our professor sat at the desk in the corner and asked a simple question, “What makes something art?” That question spurred quite the discussion that set the tone for a semester in Beginning Photography.

That discussion was heated but constructive. People were challenged and forced to think about their views and feelings. One discussion established healthy community.

For the next 4 months we critiqued each other’s work. If someone’s work wasn’t good they heard about it. If it was great they heard about it. Constructive criticism from our peers made us better photographers and artists.

Isn’t that what our communities should be? Shouldn’t we constructively criticize others in our community when things aren’t what they should be? Shouldn’t we praise them when what they do is great or exceptional?

Perhaps for the sake of not rocking the boat we keep our thoughts to ourselves. Maybe we fear what our words could cost.

Perhaps rocking the boat is exactly what your community needs. Maybe your words could buy change that leaves a positive imprint on your community for ever.

  • Why do you fear constructive criticism?
  • How could your words change the life of your community?

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