Community is…

What is community?

I claim to live in community.

I write about it.

I tell people how important living in good community is.

Even still, I am left wondering how I would define and explain community.

If community is important we need to know what it means to live in community.

Recently I tweeted and asked people to complete the statement “Community is…” 

The responses were great.

Community is…

“unity through communication and practicing unconditional love” -Lauren Wojcik

“intentional, not haphazard” -Tim Fritson

“the lifeblood of living out the Gospel” -Mike Solak

“formed when all the individuals’ eyes are directed towards the Lord” -Jordan Abourjilie

“where you feel most comfortable” -Alex Fields

“individuals pulling together for bettering the group” -Jim Behr

“support, joy, freedom, love, laughter” -Jessica Shaver

“an invitation to the cross. It’s the place where we see our brokenness and receive grace by God at work in people” -Phil Zweerink

“a byproduct of a common belief or mission” -Brad Voigt

“essential for growth, your community should push you and challenge you to be more” -Eric Milner

“life-giving” -Conrad Schottel

“people living life together founded on shared intentions, values, and goals” -Jarred Donalson

“sharing life’s ups and downs and joys and struggles together” -Lauren Armstrong

“realizing the people around truly care about you” -Markus English

“selfless” -Andy Sander

“an undefined covenant between friends, and sometime even strangers, anchored around something greater” -Marty Swant

“too hard to define in a tweet. #copoutanswer 🙂 ” -Bryan Allain

“where we crowd surf each other with love. No one let’s go until five other people are holding on…” -Bob Goff (yes, THE Bob Goff)

In summary:

  1. Community is intentional, important, and worth it.
  2. Community is people focused.
  3. Community is based around a mission.

Over the next few weeks we are going to dive deeper into defining community and how we can cultivate the communities around us.

How would YOU complete the statement, “Community is…”?

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