Collision. | 31 Days.

This weekend I had the opportunity to visit some friends in the town where I went to college. After graduating they have taken up young professional lives in the town we all used to call home. Over the almost three years since I graduated their community has vastly changed. Going to see them gave me the unique opportunity for my world and community to collide with theirs.

Seeing their excitement for the things happening in their community gave me the opportunity to reflect on the exciting things happening in my own. This collision of communities caught my attention in the simple fact that my community isn’t scared to let our world collide with others. 

Collisions imply discomfort or even pain. They are rarely subtle but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth going through.

You see, community fails when it becomes closed off. It fails when others aren’t allowed in or must conform to the group before acceptance. I love my community because it regularly  collides with those outside of our community and invites them to join us. We’re a community on mission always moving forward and always inviting others to come along side us.

  • Does your community need to accept collisions?
  • What keeps you from opening up your community to those outside of it?

Day 29 of 31: Why do I love my community? My community isn’t scared to collide with others.


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