Taylor Swift. | 31 Days.


Photo via Tomodo89

I love my community because on Mondays I get to sing Taylor Swift songs. That statement might raise a few questions in your mind.

Which T. Swift song is your favorite? Mean.

Can’t you always sing her songs? Yes, yes I can and I do. I mean really, they’re so catchy.

Why does a 20-something guy sing Taylor Swift songs and why is he not scared to admit it? Well, since you asked, I proudly sing Taylor Swift songs because it lets me share Jesus with some pretty incredible high school kids. You see, high schoolers love Taylor Swift (including the guys they just don’t want to admit it). That’s why when you show up at Young Life on Monday night odds are pretty good you will hear at least one of her songs. They’re catchy, easy to sing a long with and describe so well that angst and emotion we all feel or have felt as a high school kid. Her songs break down walls and open doors. In that moment we get to share real life built on the common bond of the emotion in the song.

I’m not saying we want to share Jesus as an onslaught of emotions but rather we’re creating common ground. We’re sharing an experience. We’re earning the right to be heard. Yes, in a small way, Taylor Swift helps us earn the right to share Jesus. I’m not the only 20-something guy in my community who loves T. Swift for this reason and we’re certainly not the only community that can relate to this.

Day 23 of 31: Why do I love my community? Taylor Swift.


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