Why I love Young Life.

I love Young Life. I have led Young Life for 4 years, gone to several camps, done summer staff twice, and I even met my future wife through Young Life. I can’t get enough Young Life.

More than the amazing camps, more than the hilarious skits, more than cool t-shirts, I love Young Life because of the people. You will never meet a better group of people than Young Life leaders. I am extremely fortunate to be surrounded by a group of Young Life leaders who love high school students better and leak Jesus more than anyone I know (It’s not a contest, but if it were, they would win.)

Meet Jessica (in the orange).

 Meet Spencer (dude with flour on his face).

Jessica and Spencer lead Young Life together at a local high school and they lead well. They never cease to amaze me in the ways they love Jesus and love their high school friends. You won’t find a day in their week where they aren’t hanging out or interacting with high school folks.

This weekend I got a greater glimpse of how much they make the Gospel the center of their lives instead of reducing it to something they do on monday night at YL club. Jessica and Spencer have truly given their lives to the Gospel and leading Young Life.

Take a look.

This weekend Jessica and Spencer went to a football game on friday night, YL training all day saturday, and had a fall party (campaigners) on sunday night. Their whole weekend was spent pursuing, loving, and living life with their high school friends. On friday they were hanging out with and meeting new students from their high school. On saturday they were learning how they can better lead at their school and some practical steps to reaching more kids while continuing to go deeper. Sunday they invited students into Jessica’s home, served them delicious food, and had a bible study.

Do you think they understand the Gospel?

Do you think they relate to 1 Thessalonians 2:8?

“Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.”

Young Life is saturated with people who love high school students just like Jessica and Spencer. They share the Gospel and they share their lives. I am exceedingly humbled, honored, and grateful that I live life with people like Jessica and Spencer.

Reason 14 of 31: I love my community because of people like Jessica and Spencer.


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One thought on “Why I love Young Life.

  1. I’ve been making some new friends lately, with some very good and very Godly people. As I think about them I realize that they all have something in common. They are involved with YoungLife in some facet. There is something about having to step outside of your comfort zone to relate to others that forms you into a great person, because anyone I have ever met that is involved with YL is an honest and caring person.

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