Across the Country | 31 Days.

Photo courtesy of aldenjewell
I’m currently in California to, among other things, visit friends. Two feelings crossed my mind as I ventured from Kansas City to Southern California. First, how blessed I am to know so many awesome people and second that location isn’t a prerequisite for community.
There’s no need for me to tell you all the different ways we can connect across the world. The important part is how we use those means of communication to enable community. Obviously nothing beats hopping on a plane for a face to face visit but how about regular phone calls or emails. To me, letter writing remains the coolest and most heart felt way to maintain community across long distances.

I regularly get to share in the lives of friends who live a long way from my home in KC. Most of the time phone calls connect me to my long distance community but occasionally one of us will hop on a jet plane or road trip to celebrate the friendships we share. Don’t let location keep you from growing community. There are far too many incredible people in the world to limit yourself to your physical location.

Day 13 of 31: Why do I love my community? Because location isn’t a prerequisite.

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  • What are you doing to maintain community over distances?
  • How can you set yourself up for successful long distance community?

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