Affirmed | 31 Days.

When you’re busy digging ditches it’s easy to get weighed down by duty. If it’s not one thing crying out for your attention it’s another. Responsibility is constantly calling. In communities that are constantly working towards a common it’s easy to forget the good things that are going on around on us.

Today I’m so thankful for the culture of affirmation that lines our community. It’s rare that a day goes by without encouraging words from those around us as we strive to live life well and honor the calling we’ve been given. Sometimes it comes in big ways but usually our affirmation comes in the smallest of packages – a kind word here, a little gift there.

This culture of affirmation is life giving in so many ways. It makes it a little easier to keep digging, to push forward. Knowing you have partners in mission and are appreciated by them changes everything.

That’s why on day 3 of our 31 Days series I’m so thankful for our community of affirmation.


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