Get real.

Nothing is more fun or enjoyable than community when life is going well. It’s fun to share great moments with the people we love and it’s enjoyable to be surrounded by friends when things are easy. Community is easy when it’s all rainbows, sunshine, and unicorns.

On the other hand, sharing hard moments with others is extremely difficult. It’s not easy to tell someone you just lost your job, that a close family member has cancer, or you’re getting a divorce. These moments are almost always surrounded by a heavy resistance and sharing them is hard.

Real community has to be a balance of these moments.

Most people are not willing to live in real community. 

  • Real community includes both the easy moments and difficult moments in life.
  • Real community happens when we are vulnerable and trust others to be there for us no matter what situations we go through.
  • Real community is created when were are willing to dive into the mess of our lives and sort through it with other people.

Real problems, real struggles, and real conflicts always lead to real solutions, real joys, real relationships, and real communities.  

I love my community because we share life together no matter what is thrown our way. We celebrate with each other, we mourn with each other, we pray together, and we always have fun together.

Day 2 of 31. Why do I love my community? Because it’s real.


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