31 Days.

Today we’re starting a special series for the month of October. Inspired by numerous other bloggers who are all participating in 31 days of writing, we’re dedicating these next 31 days to talk about why we love our community.

We started this blog because we feel like we’re connected to a special group of people who enable us to do life well. They encourage us in ways they don’t even know and certainly challenge us in the most loving way to live better lives. They’re not famous. They aren’t millionaires. They don’t have thousands upon thousands of people following them on Twitter. What makes our community so special is that everyone in it refuses to live an average life. Each and every day everyone in our community chooses to live a better story – a story that loves others, encourages them to live a better story and most importantly strives to live out the Gospel of Jesus.

Through this series we’ll write about the special people, places and things that make our community so special. As we go we hope to share what wisdom we’ve gained about what it takes to grow loving, dynamic and vibrant communities.

So here’s day 1 of 31. Why do we love our community? Because it’s ours.


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