Conflict is a good thing. Well, it can be. If your community has conflict over ideas or the direction you’re headed it’s a good thing. This kind of conflict only occurs when people actually care about what’s going on. It means they’re invested and have a desire to see things done in way they can see through to the end. They want a workable system.
Of course some people break this idea. Some people just like to create unnecessary conflict but perhaps it’s time you fire them.

Conflict isn’t something we should fear. It has the potential to create incredibly effective change in our communities. So next time conflict arises do shy from it. Embrace it. Harness it. Allow it to grow the good things you have going on.

Here’s some food for thought:

Integrate the idea of “plussing” used by Pixar in their daily critique meetings. The idea is simple, your critique of the idea must contain a new idea or way to improve the current one. It’s simple but it’s a huge reason Pixar can put out blockbuster movies again and again.

Read more about this idea and other ways to harness conflict in this article.

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