#ManlyMonday Meets Young Life

The amount of (manly) life lessons to learn from being a Young Life leader is seemingly endless.

There is a lot to learn about leading people, loving others, having conversations, being vulnerable, organizing events, working in teams, and sacrifice.

Some of these lessons are learned quickly, but most take weeks, months, or even years.

Some of these lessons only apply to leading Young Life, but most apply to all areas of life.

One of the many lessons I have learned from the last 4 years is to show up.

Whether there are 500 students at club or 5…show up.

Whether there are 40 of your high school friends at campaigners or 4…show up.

Whether there are 10 leaders leading at your school or you’re the only one…show up.

Whether you’ve been to 100 awkward high school dances or zero…show up. 

Show up. Show up again. Show up again. (repeat)

Let’s make a habit of showing up. 

  • How can we apply the lesson of showing up to other areas of our lives?


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One thought on “#ManlyMonday Meets Young Life

  1. I like the emphasis on showing up regardless of whether the event meets our expectations. For me I need to make myself ‘show up’ to church events outside of Sunday morning service to engage in intentional fellowship.

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