6 Lies I Caught Myself Believing This Week

I like new.

When I think new I think change.

When I think new I think exciting.

When I think new I also think about the unknown and the uncertain.

As a new semester begins there is plenty of excitement and uncertainty.

I have school, Young Life, relationships, jobs, and working out.

We all have a different tasks, but what we have in common is that we all have our own list.

We all have things we have to do and things we want to do.

For me it means a lot of adventures, but also a lot of work.

  • classes to attend
  • papers to write
  • lessons to plan
  • lessons to teach
  • shifts to work
  • hangout with friends
  • YL clubs to plan
  • #ManVentures (Campaigners) to plan
  • blog posts to write
  • people to tweet (okay, I could do this one less)
  • bike rides to enjoy
  • date nights

Some of these things I have to do and others I want to do.

When I look at what’s planned for the next few months my mind often skips over the fun and exciting events I want to do. Too often I dwell on negative things that I have to do: papers to write, working, classes to attend, bills to pay, etc…

As I get overwhelmed with things that have to get done I begin to believe a lot of lies.

“Im not making a difference”
“This doesn’t really matter”
“I’m not good enough”
“Someone else could do a better job”
“I can’t do this”

When lies dominate our thoughts they lead to doubts, fears, anxiety, and stress.


6 Lies I Caught Myself Believing This Week:

1) School is wasting my time.

2) I have to be all things to all people.

3) I don’t have enough time.

4) I don’t need “me time.”

5) If I can’t invest 100% of my time in something then I shouldn’t give it any.

6) God won’t reach certain people unless it’s through me.


What lies are you believing this week? 

(Leave your answers or thoughts below!)

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