#ManlyMonday | Passion.


My alma mater, the University of Missouri, joined the SEC this year. Over the weekend I had the honor of attending their first ever conference game against the Georgia Bulldogs. Ten hours before the game started thousands of people began tailgating and anticipating their team taking the field. People proudly wore their team colors, chant their team’s cheers and sang their fight song. While the game didn’t turn out to my liking, one thing that stood out was how passionate all 70,000+ people were at the game.

Passion was driving people to invest time and money to go watch a team they loved play despite the possibility of losing. All things invested could be for naught in a loss but in case of a win none of that matters. How often in our lives do we set our passions aside because pursuing them involves the potential of losing? 

I’m incredibly lucky to work with a team of leaders who regularly face losing in order to pursue their passion. They risk embarrassment, rejection, time with their families and friends, money and countless other things all because they are passionate. There are lots of rough days but they are all validated when the moments in life they work for come to fruition. 

  • What in life are you passionate about that you aren’t pursuing because you might lose?
  • Is your potential loss greater than what you’re losing by not pursing your passion?

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