Comfortable with uncomfortable.

[GUEST POST] by Spencer Cope.

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As Americans, our lives are spent seeking out comfort. We become centered on how comfortable we can become. We chase this feeling so we are not left feeling vulnerable. We create scenarios and questions to judge how comfortable we are.

  • How much money can I make for my family to be comfortable?
  • How comfortable am I with my friendships, relationships, etc?
  • Am I comfortable with how I look physically?

Once you have reached your goal of being comfortable, what is next? You establish an idea of what being comfortable looks like, but once you reach it, where do you go from there? Is there room for growth when you are comfortable?

Being comfortable is accepting the status quo.

When you become comfortable you become stagnant.

This is what happens when you become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

I am a Young Life leader. I spend my free time hanging out with high school guys. I live life with them. It is not comfortable. Frankly, it can be really uncomfortable. Some of my times spent with high schoolers are at sporting events. I love going to basketball games and standing amongst the students, as if I were one of them (I have been mistaken multiple times for being a student). Before I go into any sporting event, I always pray for God to give me an opportunity to meet a new kid. I pray that He pushes me into situations I may not normally go.

I pray for uncomfortable situations because if I become comfortable then I am not reaching out to kids.

However, once those situations present themselves, I push back like a toddler going to the doctor. “No God, not that situation. I don’t want to be that uncomfortable.”

  • How many of us live our life like that?
  • How many of us live our lives asking for more but when a door is opened we push back?

Being uncomfortable is not a bad thing. Being uncomfortable allows for growth. Being uncomfortable pushes your boundaries. You are trying new things and willing to fail, even fail big. In relationships, being uncomfortable is where you create a true bond.

If you don’t aspire to anything more, then stay comfortable. If you want more, be uncomfortable. Uncomfortable leads to growth. It is scary, can be painful, and certainly leaves us vulnerable. However, in all those moments it allows for incredible changes in your life.

Let’s talk! 

How can you start becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable?


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