When Jordan and I sat down to start As We Go we had a meeting focused solely what we wanted our blog to be. That’s a story for the another day but the point is we casted a vision for what we wanted. It gave us a direction and purpose. My question is why don’t we do this in our relationships, organizations and personal lives?

Too often we go through life without stating our intended purpose. We kind of have an idea of where it might be going but we don’t explicitly state where we’re headed in life. I think when we cast vision we give ourselves the opportunity to be intentional with purpose. You’re right, that’s redundant but bear with me. When we have vision our intentionality starts to take on a more direct meaning. It forces us to work in a framework limited by the bounds we set. You can be intentional without vision especially when it involves others lives but that doesn’t help either of you. We can make hard conversations happen or enact change in life but if there isn’t a bigger vision surrounding it it becomes just another futile practice.

  1. Where are you casting vision in your life?
  2. Where do you need to cast vision in your life?

2 thoughts on “Vision.

  1. Although this is an older post, these words are great reminders for me today. Vision-casting is a term that Young Life initially planted in me, but it has been over the past few months that I’ve realized just how necessary “vision” is in all aspects of life–within, and far beyond the realm of organized ministry. A big thanks to you and Jordan for continuing to model through your blog the hope of living purposefully and intentionally :).


    • Thanks Taylor! That really does mean a lot.

      I too first heard the idea of casting vision from YL. I think the last several months have marked to beginning of a long process of learning what it looks like to have a “vision” in other areas of life as well.

      Looking forward to future NC or KC trips!

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