As We Go’s Top 10

Similar to SportCenter’s Top 10, here are As We Go’s Top 10 Posts of the summer  

Jordan’s most read posts:

1) Why I Stopped Seeking Growth.

“…I used to think life was about growth. I thought we were supposed to grow: change, mature, build character, become better, do better, be transformed. That was the goal, so that was my focus. This just simply can’t be the case…”

2) Love Does Meets Younglife.

“…I am realizing there are an abundance of people who want to instruct, lecture, and give answers. There are much fewer people who are willing to say, “I’m with you.” “

3) You look like a beaten puppy.

“…Earlier this year I was in the middle of a dry stretch of ministry, overwhelmed with school, and quickly reaching my breaking point. I had a busy schedule that was draining and leaving me discouraged. (This is when being surrounded by great people is important)…”

4) I See You.

“…Even if it seems like no one is noticing…I see you…”

5) #ManlyMonday | Digging Ditches.

“…As a team of leaders we consistently asked each other how we are digging ditches in hope that God will do the work and fill them. We changed our focus from trying to produce change. We stopped measuring our ministry by numbers. We stopped relying on our own strengths. We moved past our own standards. Instead, we chose to trust that if we dig ditches God will bring the rain…”

Jarred’s most read posts:

1) Invested.

“…Investing isn’t easy. In fact it’s almost always a sacrifice but it leaves you changed. You can’t invest in someone’s life without being changed…”

2) Growing up im California.  

“…I grew up in California because of Jesus in people. It wasn’t just through spending time with people but through the opportunity they gave me to invest in their lives and stories and their willingness to invest in me…”

3) With Conviction…

“…We live in a world of systems. The question is how do we navigate these systems and create a life that is valuable to us and our community. Here is where conviction comes in. What are you convicted about?”

4) #ManlyMonday | Do It To It

“…The problem is that rarely do my dreams turn into actions. There’s always a reason not to do it. Through a long but fruitful summer now I know that while casting a vision for my life, my community, and my friends is a good thing, it means little without my acting on it…”

5) #ManlyMonday | Intensity 

“…Men are meant to be intense. I don’t mean this in the Full Metal Jacket drill-sergeant-who-sucks-life-out-of-people-to-get-what-he-wants kind of intense. I mean men are meant to be intense about the things in life that matter. They are meant to have “great energy” towards their relationships, careers and hobbies. Great intensity fosters a life that leaves people changed for the better…”

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