A New Year of Young Life: Familiar and Exciting.

It’s that time of year again, summer is ending and the school year is kicking off.

Young Life leaders all over the country are diving into fall sporting events.

On Friday I went to my first football game of the year (just like many of you).

As I entered the stadium I was overwhelmed with a sense of familiarity and excitement.

It was familiar because I have been leading at the same school for four years. I have parked in the same parking lot, gone through the same gate, and walked towards the same student section of the bleachers.

It was exciting because this football games marks the beginning of a new school year: new students, new friendships, new activities, new adventures, new possibilities. There are so many new and exciting things that will happen this year which will make this year unlike any other.

As the band played emphatically I took a deep breath and a minute to stop and look around. I tried to soak up the moment which marked another school year and a new season of Young Life.

I saw new freshmen I am excited to meet.

I saw sophomores who are only one year older but exponentially less awkward. (Lets be honest, still a little awkward).

I saw juniors who are being looked to as leaders in the school (maybe for the first time).

I saw the familiar faces of seniors who are already filling the role of “big dogs” on campus (“Senior wall is for SENIORS ONLY!!!“).

I saw students entering into a new school year and it was both familiar and exciting. Even though I am familiar with the school and a lot of the students, a new year demands a lot of excitement.

I am excited to meet new students this year.

I am excited to consistently show up in their lives.

I am excited to share life with them.

I am excited to go to the places where most adults would never go.

I am excited to prove to students they are worth it.

I am excited to pray for students by name (even if i’ve never met them).

I am excited to spread lots of seeds.

I am excited to reap the harvest.  

I am excited to live out the Gospel.

I am excited.  

Join the conversation!

As Young Life begins, what are YOU excited for?

(Leave a comment below with a few reasons you’re excited for this year of Young Life)

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4 thoughts on “A New Year of Young Life: Familiar and Exciting.

  1. Jordan!

    What’s up Dukie man!!

    Great writing! I am equally excited for the new things Jesus is going to be doing this school year!!

    Glad to hear your doing awesome!

    Just remember 1 thing though: Go Green Go White! Go MSU! IZZOOOO!


    • Thanks Dan! Glad to hear you’re excited as well.

      When it comes to college basketball coaches I do love Izzo. However, some coaches are picked to coach the Olympic team….and well, some are not!

  2. Nice shout out to the band! Haha. I’ll be in KC all year so I’m super excited to see you and your ministry grow!!

    Don Martin

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