The other day I was hanging out with my mom (yes, I still hang out with my mom. she’s a great woman). We were enjoying a conversation and got on the topic of blessings. We reflected on all the things we are so fortunate to have in life.

In that moment I realized how little I think about all the things I have to be thankful for. Life has a funny way of slapping us across the face with our short comings. It likes to tell us how inadequate we are and remind us of all the things we screwed up. I know in my life that list can be incredibly long. It’s in that time we need to think about all the things we have been so blessed to have. It turns out for most people that the list of blessing out weighs that other list.

This isn’t some sort of positive thinking trick. My hope is that you see this as a call for thankfulness. A life lived with a thankful heart is a life that honors others, changes lives and grows community. Thankful people find the joy in life and have the power to overcome that slap in the face all because their blessings are counted well to them.


3 thoughts on “Blessings.

  1. Gratitude has been a huge theme of my life these last few months, especially with the craziness of traveling abroad and life changes. I’ve been keeping a mini gratitude journal of things throughout the day that are gifts to my heart and bring me joy and it’s been so sweet. It reminds me how God offers and wills His joy in every single moment, even the hard, frustrating ones. We just have to have eyes and heart open to see it! Thanks for this reminder, Jarred!

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