#ManlyMonday | Do It To It


This summer has challenged me in a big way. You see, I’m a dreamer. I love to think about what could be. The problem is that rarely do my dreams turn into actions. There’s always a reason not to do it. Through a long but fruitful summer now I know that while casting a vision for my life, my community, and my friends is a good thing, it means little without my acting on it.

Maybe for you it’s talking to the big wig you want to work for but fear his rejection. Maybe you won’t apply for a job because you don’t “look good on paper.” Or perhaps you won’t make a phone call to someone you care for because you’re worried they’ll think it’s odd you called just to tell them you care.

As Seth Godin likes to put it, when poking the box is less than or equal to zero there’s no reason not too. What that means is that more often than not you really have little to lose. Not much we do in life has long term permanent consequences. That’s not to say we shouldn’t be wise in our actions but it does mean we have little excuse to not do that thing that keeps creeping into our thoughts. Do it. Shake things up. Do something new.


One thought on “#ManlyMonday | Do It To It

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