7 Things I Learned from Love Does

This week we’ve been exploring Love Does. It’s not very often a book comes along that shakes things to your core. This book has done just that for me. As I’ve processed and reread it I see that the simple title of Love Does isn’t just a name to call the book. It’s a call to action and more so a call to be changed. In the fashion of the book here are 7 ways this book has changed how I view the world around me.

1. I used to think that life was about making the right choices but now I know it’s about making the choices right.

I learned that faith isn’t about knowing all the right stuff or obeying a list of rules. It’s something more, something more costly because it involves being present and making a sacrifice. p 8

2. I used to think I had to find God’s way but now I know God will have his way despite my best efforts.

And when each of us looks back at all the turns and folds God has allowed in our lives, I don’t think it looks like a series of folded-over mistakes and do-overs that have shaped our lives. Instead, I think we’ll conclude in the end that maybe we have, the better. p 37

3. I used to think someone with power had to give permission but now I know normal people have all the power in the world to speak permission into the lives of those around us.

I believe it’s true that the right people can say words that change everything. And guess what? We’re the ones who can say them. p 45.

4. I used to think God only used my strengths but I now I know he more frequently uses my weaknesses.

…my life is full of small rocks, pieces of asphalt, broken and unrepaired relationships, and unwanted debris. But somehow God allows us each to be served up anyway. p 56

5. I used to think you needed an agenda with set details but now I know sometimes you just need to go do it.

So we sold the pick up truck and went! Because that’s how love rolls; it does. p 74

6. I used to think I knew myself better than anyone but now I know sometimes people see things in me that I don’t see.

The words people say to us not only have a shelf life but have the ability to shape life. p 88

7. I used to think life was about getting somewhere, about setting goals for the future and working to attain them but now I know life is about waking up every morning and accepting the invitation I get every morning.

There is only one invitation it would kill me to refuse, yet I’m tempted to turn it down all the time. I get an invitation every morning when I wake up to actually live a life of complete engagement, a life of whimsy, a life where love does. It doesn’t come in an envelope. It’s ushered in by a sunrise, the sound of a bird, or the smell of coffee drifting lazily from the kitchen. It’s the invitation to actually live, to fully participate in the amazing life for one more day. Nobody turns down an invitation to the White House, but I’ve seen plenty of people turn down an invitation to truly live. p 80

Maybe this book has impacted you in some way like it has me. Perhaps you’ve just had a similar experience. If so, we want to hear about it. Leave us a comment and let us know.


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