#ManlyMonday | Whimsy.

I used to think whimsy was an ugly word used to describe bad decisions made without thinking.

Now I know whimsy can be an attractive (and manly) word used to describe spontaneous and playful decisions which lead to living life to the full.

What whimsy means to me is a combination of the “do” part of faith along with doing something worth doing. -Bob Goff

Recently I read the book Love Does by Bob Goff and fell in love with the word whimsy.

      • Whimsy (noun): Playfully quaint or fanciful behavior.
      • Whimsical (adjective):  Spontaneously fanciful or playful.

This book is filled with inspiring stories of love, adventures, spontaneity, and whimsy. These stories are all unique because they challenge how the reader deals with decisions, situations, and life in general. These stories challenge the status quo and the boring traditional way of living life. Every time I put down this book I am left with a desire for a greater story with adventurous road trips, random leaps into lakes fully clothed, meaningful sacrifices for others, fighting for the least of these, etc… Reading this book created a desire to live a life of whimsy.

I want to suggest men (and woman) can strive for whimsy. That is to say we can make the choice to embrace the “do” part of faith and be a part of something worth doing. This can be more than justifying crazy decisions and using whimsy as a version of YOLO. For me, living a life of whimsy can simply mean making the choice to play. What whimsy means to me is making the choice to play and be spontaneous because I know it is worth it.

Join the conversation!

  • What does whimsy mean to you?
  • Finish this statement, “What whimsy means to me is…”

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