Trees are worth it.

“Trees are worth it” -Bill Hybels

Over the last two weeks Jarred and I have been fortunate to spend six days at Younglife camp and spend a week committed to teaching others how to live life with Jesus after camp. During this time we have seen Jesus enter into the lives of high school friends in many amazing ways. We have throughly enjoyed watching the growth and transformation resulting from a year of digging ditches, investing in others, and taking off our capes.

Scattering Seed

With a ministry like Younglife (and all other ministries I am sure) there are many seeds scattered throughout the year. Inevitably some fall on hardened, rocky, or thorny soil. This is unfortunate, but it is just how spreading seed works. When it comes to accepting the gospel there are always many more unreceptive hearts than there are receptive hearts.

However, when the good news falls on the fruitful soil and the receptive hearts then trees start to grow. Big, strong, majestic trees begin to shoot up from the soil. This is exactly what we experienced this year. Many seeds were scattered which resulted in trees growing.

More to come

The next Young Life year is quickly approaching. This means more planning, more ditches to dig, more high school kids to pursue, more investing in others, more capes to take off, and more seeds to be scattered. All these events and tasks will be done in the local high schools of Kansas City because a few Young Life leaders (and my closest friends) decide each year that their high school friends are worth it. They decide trees are worth it.

  • What trees are you seeing in your life?
  • Is spreading seed worth it?


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