Taking off my cape at Younglife camp.

Getting a student on the bus headed to Younglife camp is not easy. 

A lot goes into getting just one kid on the bus to go to Younglife camp (not to mention a cabin of 5-15 high school students). One student takes many hours in building a relationship. This consists of countless sporting events, coffee dates, lunches, and Younglife events. This also takes a large amount of participation from the student plus their schedule has to be empty of work and sports for a whole week. Then there is the trust that has to be built with their parents so they will send their child away with a stranger wearing weird man-sandals (aka, man-dals…aka, Chacos). Also there is a large financial hurdle which has to be overcome. All of these things take a lot of time and energy.

Sometimes we rely too much on our own abilities.

As a Younglife leader it becomes easy to try and rely on my own strengths to make this happen. I find myself having these thoughts:

  • I have to be funny enough
  • I have to be outgoing enough
  • I have to raise enough money
  • I have to say the right things
  • I have to ask the right questions
  • I have to pursue the right “key kids”
  • I have to be relevant

It seems like every year leading up to camp I lean on my own strengths and abilities as I try to make the trip “what it should be.”

Maybe I am the only one who does this…


Maybe we all do this is some way or another…

This year in particular I found myself trying to be the hero. I went into the week of Younglife camp putting on my cape and thinking I had to be superman in the lives of my high school friends.

This is not what I am called to do or the role I am meant to fill. My high school friends don’t need me to perform or be good enough. They don’t need me to be funny and outgoing. They don’t need me to say the right things. They don’t need me to be superman. However, what they do need is for me to take off my cape and realize that I am not the answer.

I didn’t even make it through the first night of cabin time before I realized I needed to take off my cape. They don’t need me to be the answer, they need me to lead them to the answer. I was trying to fill a void in my friend’s lives that I could never fill. After the first night of camp I was left realizing that something much bigger than me was going to happen this week.Thankfully, it did when I decided to take off my cape.

  1. Where in your life are you trying to wear a cape?
  2. Where in your life can you remove your cape?

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