Jordan and I spent the last week with high schoolers from our area at Timber Wolf Lake Young Life camp in Michigan. We had an incredible time not only because camp is outrageously fun but mostly because we got to see Jesus do big things in the lives of our friends. Our investment in the lives of students and our community gave us the opportunity at this incredible experience. 

It’s amazing what happens when we are invested in those around us. The leaders I serve with have spent countless hours investing in the lives of high school kids so that they can tell them the good news of Jesus. That’s what Young Life leaders do, they go where kids are and earn the right to be heard. This week we got to see the fruit of those hours.

Kids came to know what real life looks like. They got to see the story that was written for them, all because God was faithful to the investment of leaders.

Investing isn’t easy. In fact it’s almost always a sacrifice but it leaves you changed. You can’t invest in someone’s life without being changed.

This investment looks different for everyone. Leaders invested their time. Committee members invested energy to make this trip happen and gave money generously. Other adults in the community invested time to pray for high school kids they don’t even know, money to make sure no kid was left out and countless other things. And now our community will never be the same.


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