#ManlyMonday | The Solitary Man

I recently flew from Kansas City to California. As I watched the landscape change underneath me I was astounded by the vast open land uninhabited by people. Every so often there was a lone settlement in surrounded by thousands upon thousands of acres.

It was in this observation that I began to think about the isolation of men. We, as a culture, admire men who seemingly isolate themselves from their peers. They strike their own path and go through life unaffected by those around them.

Obviously no man goes through life completely disconnected from those around him but how often in life do we try to go about things ourselves when the best thing for us is to turn to those around us. We were made to live lives in community. Yes, sometimes it’s uncomfortable to open up our weakness to others but it’s the only way we get stronger.

Opening our weakness to others offers them the same opportunity to share with you and when we share our lives in mutual openness our relationships can go places we would never dream of on our own.


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