To the sewer and back

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I am 23 years old. I don’t know a lot, but I do know a little.

Over the last few years I have been on a journey of learning what it means to live in community. I have learned lessons about investing in others, listening, encouraging, comforting, leading, and following.

The number one thing I find myself thinking is, “Wow, this is difficult…”

It’s difficult to put others first.

It’s difficult to lead.

It’s difficult to encourage people.

It’s difficult to give advice.

It’s difficult to comfort others.

I often find myself wanting to escape; needing to recharge. This mostly happens because I forget that I have to take time for myself so I can be refreshed.

For me this can be done in many different ways. I enjoy simply going on a walk in hope to clear my mind. Every night, no matter what, I walk to the end of my street to the sewer drain. Some nights I walk quickly there and come straight back. Other nights I take a few laps around the block. I love this time of solitude because it’s my time. I am able to clear my mind and reflect on my day.

So many great things are the result of walking to the sewer and back. This time had lead me to apologize to someone I miss treated, allowed me to realize there is someone I can encourage, and gives me a chance to clear my head. It can also be time to think about choices I have made or decisions I have to make in the future.

Walking to the sewer and back is how I recharge and find the energy needed to live life in community. Living life in a community is demanding and the people around us deserve our best. I think if we are consistently recharged we can start to say, “Wow, this is difficult…but it’s worth it”

Join the conversation:

  • How do you refuel when you are drained?
  • What benefits do you see from having consistent personal time?

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5 thoughts on “To the sewer and back

  1. First off let me comment on how very early this was posted. Early bird? And second I think community is very important as well. I feel like my community is slowly growing smaller(with my sister moving) and it saddens me but also encourages me to take a step out of my comfort box and discover the people around me, to invest more time in the friends I have and to seek out new.

    • Don’t be fooled, I schedule the posts so they go up at 5am, ha. Only people awesome (crazy) enough to work over night realize how early they are posted.

      I can relate to community changing and that has been the theme of my summer. The last month or so a few of my closest friends have left (temporarily) and I’ve been forced to find other community. I am realizing that it’s not that there is a shortage of great people around me, more so it’s me not liking to change when I was comfortable.

      Hold fast hope, Lauren will be in KC soon and we can both have more, and better, community!

  2. I refuel by working with my hands. I have trouble going on walks, as stupid as that sounds, I have to keep my hands busy. Maybe thats a flaw, I don’t know, but on a day that I have to myself you will find me in my garage working with tools and such.

    As far as benfits go for taking personal time for yourself, I think it is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Even if you just sit in a chair and do nothing. The mind consumes massive amounts of information every day and if you don’t give yourself time to sort throught the events of the day, then what is the point? You’ll go crazy and constantly feel exhausted.

    • That’s not a flaw at all. I think we are both the same in that way but you have a skill that you can put it to use. If we are honest we I think we would both admit that we can clear our minds by cleaning and organizing with our hands. I guess it’s part of being and English.

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