Blind Self Portrait

It is interesting to think that a computer can help us draw an accurate self portrait (a cool technology for sure!) but when you look closer at the drawing it’s not quite right. Lines end up in the wrong place. The curve of your chin is off just a bit. You end up with a receding hair line. Maybe it misses that blemish at the end of your nose.
This points to the fact that we’re stuck in a tension of having an accurate self perspective. In some ways we need to step outside of ourselves and gain a new perspective of our lives. We need others’ input on the things going on in our lives and how we are reacting to situations and relationships.

But, there’s a problem here. Just like the computer doesn’t get the portrait quite right, others don’t always get their perspective of you quite right.  They don’t give you an accurate picture of what’s actually going on. They make mistakes and have flawed judgement. They can’t fully interpret you. At times in life we’re wise to say to use our own self perspective to make decisions.  Don’t treat yourself as an end. You don’t know everything but realize you do have some pretty great ideas and thoughts. Be inquisitive about things and have the confidence that you can make great decisions. You are most valuable to your community when you are confident in your talents and skills and lead a life that thoughtfully constructs your circumstance.


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