How are you developing community?

How are you developing community?

Is that something you even think about?

There is no simple way to develop community. I can’t give you a five step plan to follow or a visual diagram to making community. It turns out community takes work. You have to spend time with people. Talk about things in life that really matter to you – family, significant others, your hobbies. Do things together. Create shared experiences. Ask questions. Ask lots of questions.

What things have you done to encourage community?

We want to hear your story. Tells us how you have seen community develop in your life.


#ManlyMonday | Do.

Today’s #Manlymonday is a simple challenge. Today do something out of love for others.

Love is an action. Put it to work today.

Tell us about it.

Friday Links | July 27


Read Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World. It has been a transforming book for me.

While we’re talking about reading, check out Just Do Something.

As if KC could get any better – Google Fiber

I still get chills when I watch this.

Who knew string could tell a story so well.


Let’s explore all things Seth Godin today.

  • A daily highlight of my Google Reader is Seth’s Blog. It’s always short and to the point. Take 2 minutes every day and check it out.
  • The most challenging book I have read this year: Linchpin by Seth Godin.
  • A book all about trying new things and simply starting: Poke the Box by Seth Godin.
  • Seth Godin’s TED Talk: The tribes we lead.


Why I Stopped Seeking Growth

I used to think life was about growth.

I thought we were supposed to grow: change, mature, build character, become better, do better, be transformed. That was the goal, so that was my focus.

This just simply can’t be the case. When growth is the main goal we fall short.

I have spent a lot of time and energy pursuing growth and the outcome was only becoming frustrated and discouraged. I was missing out on the process it takes to get there. I overlooked the people around me. I missed good experiences. I didn’t enjoy my community.

I was missing the mark.

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Growing up in California


I spent the last three weeks serving at Young Life’s Woodleaf camp in northern California. It was an incredible experience which I’m still processing. On our last night together the camp director offered everyone the opportunity to stand up and say what they had learned over the last few weeks. A college age guy stood up and said, “I feel like I came here a boy and I’m leaving a man.”

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