Are you having fun?

Play this song as you read this post (All the cool kids are doing it)

Are you having fun?

Right now.

This very second.

Are you having fun?

Busy at work…

Bored at School…

Cleaning at home…

On Monday mornings with co-workers…

On Friday evenings with friends…

Are you having fun?

If not, you should be.

If you’re like me sometimes you have to remember to have fun

 It’s not always easy when you’re busy, stressed, or overworked. It seems like there is always more work to be done: more papers to write, more shifts to work, more dishes to wash.  Sometimes it seems like the last thing you need is to stop and laugh, dance, or play.

But in reality, that is exactly what you and everyone around you needs.

I want to encourage you to simply have fun, no matter the situation.

Stand up.

Puff out your chest.

Flex your muscles.

And declare war on the mundane situation you are in right now and do your best “old-man-we-like-to-party” dance.

You owe it to your co-workers, classmates, friends, co-leaders, and everyone around you to have a little fun.

Make the choice. Have fun.

Let’s Talk…

  • How are you choosing to make today, this very moment, more fun?
  • How can we continue to remind ourselves to stop and have fun?

2 thoughts on “Are you having fun?

  1. Personally I like to turn on a little music and dance a bit while I do the mundane tasks from day to day. It is definitley something I forget to do from time to time though. I’m not sure that you catch me doing the jig from that video though…..

  2. Music while working is for sure something that reminds me to have fun while I work. I dont know…I have seen your son dance and I know where he gets it.

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