Show me a story.

There are few things more powerful than hearing someone’s story.

When we listen to someone’s story we typically catch a glimpse of how love conquered fear, how maturity pushed out immaturity, and how perseverance produced character. These themes, plus many others, are deeply rooted in the lives of everyone around us. As we begin to pay closer attention we realize we are surrounded by truly great people with amazing stories; stories worth sharing.

Technology affects how we tell stories.

Our generation has the potential to tell stories more quickly than ever before because we have a wonderful thing called the Internet (old people cringe everywhere). With the internet comes tools such as Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that enable us to exchange personal information as soon as it happens. This enables us to see and share stories as fast as we can tap on a screen and press send. We are able to stay connected and informed with everyone everywhere.

We are always telling a story. 

Whether we realize it or not we are telling a story with every tweet, status update, and heavily filtered or slightly rustic picture on Instagram. We consistently send out small chunks of our lives for all our viewers, followers, and friends to see (no pressure).

Stop talking and show me.

Call me a product of my generation, but I think to tell our stories more effectively we can start to move past only using words and start showing our stories with pictures. If sending out small pieces of our story is worth doing (quickly & often), then it’s worth doing well (by grabbing people’s attention).

Let’s get better.

By simply adding a picture (or multiple) you can capture your stories and tell them more effectively. Here are a couple examples that compare simple tweets containing only words to pictures that tell a story.

Here are a couple examples:

Example #1:

“Went to QT, Little Caesars & the park w/ Gregg and Tariq. #Planking”


“Me and my boys doin it up” -Gregg Roberts

Example #2:

“Just had a successful night with Hunter, Ryan, Michael & Greg. We spent time praying for people around us who we care about #ManTime”


Proof of a successful #ManTime…Job 42:10

Here are a few tools that will help us move from only using words while telling stories to adding pictures in a fun and creative way:

  1. Twitter / Facebook (This shouldn’t even need to be mentioned…)
  2. Instagram (Download on your smart phone)
  3. Diptic (99¢), Frametastic (Free App for iPhones) & Photogrid (Free App for Andriod).

These apps allow you to put multiple photos together in frames and furthers your ability to tell a quick story. You can take pictures, edit them, put them together in a frame, and send them out to all the internets and world wide webs (You know, young hipster stuff).

Now it’s your turn, tweet at @As_We_Go and share your best picture story!


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