What’s to Come….

Thanks for checking us out. If you missed out yesterday be sure to go back and check out our post, including our introduction video.

Now that our blog is officially up and running, we wanted to give you an idea of what you’ll find here.

Masculinity has become convoluted in our day with a lack of positive models for truly becoming manly. This column is aimed to encourage positive masculinity not the hyper version we see in media and advertising today.

People. Stories.
One of the greatest parts of life is the people around us. We feel that we can learn a lot by just listening to the stories people have to tell. This section strives to share the stories of people we know and who have influenced us. Our hope is to foster communal learning and growth through the sharing of these stories.

Friday Links
Sometimes serious, sometimes fun, Friday links is our exploration of all things internet. We’ll share things that we think are worthy to be read, watched or just enjoyed.

We will also be posting tools, ideas and thoughts about community. While what you see on here is our thoughts, we want this to be a place for conversation. If there is something you want to see here or just have questions, comment on our posts, follow us on Twitter, check out the Facebook page or shoot us an email.

Thanks for joining us!


2 thoughts on “What’s to Come….

    • Womanly Wednesday is a great idea! Not sure where we would start since neither of us are females though! Perhaps a future feature of the blog or even better a future weekly guest post from you! Glad you’re reading the blog. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

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